Who Is Mekhi Camden Speed? Amir Locke Cousin Arrested Check Charges and Reports, Know What Happened

St. Paul Police Department has arrested a teen suspect on Monday afternoon, February 7, in a murder investigation that led to the fatal shooting of Amir Locke in a downtown Minneapolis apartment. The department shared the information on Tuesday. The 17-year-old suspect has been identified as Mekhi Camden Speed. It is also coming forward that Camden is Locke’s cousin. Now, the news is sweeping a lot of attention by netizens who are curious to know all the details of the matter and about the suspect. Check the details of the matter.

Mekhi Camden

According to the police, the teen suspect was expected to be charged with two counts of second-degree murder for allegedly killing Otis Elder last month. The Winona police chief has confirmed that they assisted St. Paul police in the case and ended up detaining the young suspect. The charging documents against Camden indicate that he was Locke’s cousin. Police are stating that the suspect is also connected with the homicide of Otis Elder who was shot to death on the 500 block of North Prior Avenue in January.

Who Is Mekhi Camden Speed?

Currently, Camden Speed is being processed in Ramsey County. On Tuesday morning, it was stated by the Ramsey County Attorney that they have filed a petition for two counts of second-degree murder against the suspect. The prosecutors are demanding for the suspect to be tried as an adult. According to Minnesota’s law, a child will face the consequences of the crime whether they are 16 or older.

Besides, it has not been confirmed if Locke was a part of this investigation or not. Reports claim that Speed will be produced before the Ramsey County Juvenile and Family Justice Center on Tuesday, Feb 8, 2022, in the afternoon. The warrant that was served that day is sealed and now police are asking for the warrant to be unsealed. Talking about the death of Otis Elder, authorities had reached Prior Avenue in St. Paul where they found Otis on the ground with gunshot wounds.

Several witnesses informed the cops about a male standing outside of the SUV shooting into the vehicle. One witness had added that he saw a Mercedes-Benz speed away from there while authorities had investigated the surveillance video in which they found a scene identical to what the witnesses had described. After tracking the car’s movements, police reached the Bolero Flats building in Minneapolis. Later, on Monday, the cops arrested Camden Speed who tried to flee after seeing them.

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