When Allu Arjun touched Rashmika’s breast in the superhit film Pushpa, had to remove the scene from the film, Exclusively watch the scene …

The makers of South Industry’s strong actor Allu Arjun and actress Rashmika Mandanna’s film Pushpa have decided to remove a scene from the film in which the lead actor Allu Arjun is shown touching the chest of the collector of Mandana! Let us first tell you here that this film was released on December 17 and after which the audience was not very happy with the depiction of the romantic scene in this film, the same special Singh where Srivalli means Rashmi and Pushparaj means potato Arjun. She starts to retaliate against his feelings, after which he is seen touching her chest, so this intention of her is not liked by most of the Telugu fans! When Kangana Sharma crossed all limits in this web series, people were surprised to see such a hot scene. Kangana Sharma Web Series

On the other hand, some unhappy fans of actor Allu Arjun discuss this van sceneyya tiffins a lot on social media, while fans on the internet say that the makers should cut this scene a bit because it is because of the scene. The movie can’t be seen with family!

On the demand of the fan regarding the same Pushpa film, now scissors have been fired on this lion, so it is being told that this scene has been removed and the audience will now get this scene as part of the film, in that it will not get to see the same scene. Let us tell you that since the release of the trailer of this film, the film has attracted the attention of dangers.