When Actor Manoj Bajpayees Heart Was Broken During Delhi Days Wept Bitterly

When Actor Manoj Bajpayees heart was broken during delhi days wept bitterly

When Actor Manoj Bajpayees heart was broken during delhi days wept bitterly

When Actor Manoj Bajpayees heart was broken during delhi days wept bitterly

Manoj Bajpayee used to love that wood very much but his heart was broken due to one incident and wept.

Manoj Bajpayee, known for his strong acting, is not interested in any identity today. From theater to OTT platforms, he has proved his mettle. However, there was a time when there was darkness in front of him. For admission in the National School of Drama (NSD), he tried not once but three times and failed all three times. This disappointed him a bit but did not give up and joined Barry John’s acting school.

Manoj Bajpayee kept heating himself like Kundan and there came a time when all the professors of NSD started knowing him by name. During this period of life, a burst of love came in his life. Manoj was working with Barry John. He had to go to Nainital for 3 months in connection with an acting workshop. Where a woman also went with him.

Manoj started loving immensely: This incident has been mentioned in detail in Piyush Pandey’s book, ‘Manoj Bajpayee: Desire to get something’ from Penguin Publications recently. Piyush writes, ‘Parveena (name changed) also accompanied Manoj on the trip to Nainital. From both the theater to the country, the country used to talk a lot on the issues of the world. Parveena was a well-educated English girl, but she got along well with Manoj Bajpayee from Bihar and Manoj was under the illusion that he had started falling in love with her.

She got in the car and left: Even after returning from Nainital, both used to spend a lot of time together. Manoj Bajpayee had cherished all the dreams. Started watching his life with Parveena, but one day such an accident happened which he had not even imagined. One evening Manoj and Parveena were walking towards Mandi House when a car stopped.

A young boy was driving the car. Parveena saw him and ran and sat in the car. Both of them left from there till Manoj Bajpayee could understand something. Manoj’s dream was shattered. The face had come off.

Manoj Bajpayee wept bitterly: Piyush Pandey, in his book, quotes Manoj Bajpayee’s friend Sanjay Sujitabh, writes that about a week later Manoj Appu met him at the bus stop of the house and wept bitterly while narrating this incident. Manoj Bajpayee was deeply hurt by the girl’s actions.

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