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Meera is the latest TV reality show based on the true-life incidents of women who face abusive acts from their husbands and families. This show is hosted by Tamil film industry sensation Kushboo Sundar. #StandWithMeera is now a trending hashtag on social media platforms. A toll-free number (70955 11111) was created by the Colors Tamil channel to register complaints regarding abusive husbands. It is one of the similar shows like Solvathellam Unmai where women can speak about their problems.


Watch Meera Reality Show (2022) Episodes On Colors Tamil | Voot

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Many women across the country suffer at the hands of an abusive husband. They do not stand up against it thinking that women should tolerate the abuse and ignore it as it is a part of marriage life. Stand With Meera is a show where a woman can stand against their abusive husband. Viewers can also stream and download all the episodes of Meera colors Tamil shows on Voot App.

Stand With Meera Show

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Watch the latest episodes of Meera Colors Tamil (2022) show episodes here,

Stand With Meera Show

Meera Details

Here are the complete details of Kushbu’s Meera reality show Colors Tamil 2022

Show Name: Meera (Stand With Meera)
Genre: Reality Show
Host: Kushboo Sundar
Available: Colors Tamil
Release: March 28, 2022
Timings: 9:30 pm (60m)
Language: Tamil