UP Election: Due To Farmers Protest, Political Parties Promising For Farmers In Their Manifesto, Says Rakesh Tikait

UP Election: due to farmers protest, political parties promising for farmers in their manifesto, says rakesh tikait

Bhartiya Kisan Union spokesperson Rakesh Tikait may be talking about keeping himself away from elections, but he does not shy away from surrounding political parties on farmers’ issues. In the manifestos of many parties, announcements have been made for the farmers, on which they say that all the political parties are taking the names of the farmers, this has happened because of the movement.

Talking to News24, Rakesh Tikait said, “In everyone’s manifesto, in everyone’s red diary, in the paper paper, the names of the farmers were added, the names of the farmers were added. Today when all the political parties are taking the name of the farmer, it has happened because of the movement, so much has happened.”

Tikait said, “In the coming times, the manifesto will also have to be made of two types, before which the government has been there and it will have to show its account of what it has done according to the promises of its manifesto. Just like the BJP government was there now, what was in their manifesto earlier and what is it now. The question to them (BJP) is why did you not fulfill the earlier promises and what are the future guarantees.”

The anchor asked that in this context, what legal garb did the previous SP government or the Congress wear regarding farmers and MSP? To this Rakesh Tikait said, “The opportunity has come to ask questions and answers from them. Now, our organizations will have to keep the farmer movement strong. If the farmers’ movement remains strong, then the government will come from any party, we will have to speak our words firmly, we will have to take to the streets again. When the people of the village start questioning and answering, there will definitely be some solution to it.

The anchor asked the farmer leader that you too have gone out on a mission to ‘punish’ the BJP, the people of the village are questioning or are you provoking them? Responding to this, Rakesh Tikait said, “Those people are only asking questions, you give answers. I am far away from votes and I am not saying anything about it.

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