Twitter users in disbelief at bizarre ‘what race is Spongebob’ search results, Know What Happened

Fans of cartoon TV show Spongebob Squarepants are urging people to Google “what race is Spongebob”, as the search results are baffling.

Appearing as the top search on Google, a Medium article somehow breaks down the ‘ethnic identities’ of characters from the show.

Here’s what you need to know.

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Twitter users urge followers to search bizarre question

It’s not clear how this ‘trend’ even started, but for one reason or another, Twitter users are asking followers to Google search “what race is Spongebob?”

Just as confused as we are, one person wrote: “He’s clearly a sponge.”

Another wrote: “Why y’all googling Spongebob’s race in the first place?”

Baffling search results reveal Spongebob’s ‘race’

Like many, curiosity got to the better of us and we ended up Google searching Spongebob’s race.

Obviously, Spongebob is not only a cartoon character, but also an inanimate object, and therefore doesn’t have a race.

Nonetheless, an article by Medium claims that the fan-favorite cartoon character is “a light-skinned black character who may be able to pass as white in some situations.”

The writer then goes on to say that Spongebob hits the “first criterion for a black cartoon character almost to a tee.”

The same article also alleges that Squidward, from Spongebob Squarepants, is Jewish and “moved away from his segregated community to live in Bikini Bottom and make it as an artist.”

We’re not sure what to think either.

Fans react to Google search results

As we mentioned earlier, it’s not clear how Google search ‘trend’ started, but it sure has made a talking point amongst Spongebob fans.

One person wrote: “Google is interesting..”

Another tweeted: “Spongebob’s race is sponge doe.”

Somebody else shared the Google search results: “Omg you were not joking.”

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Making Fun | Official Trailer | Netflix





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