Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Release Date, Time, Plot and Is it worth waiting?

The eagerly awaited second season of Tokyo Revengers has been confirmed, but there’s no release date as yet. The manga volume released so far has adapted the first part in January and will continue with new episodes starting next year.

When the long-anticipated Jump Festa 2022 finally arrived, fans were eager to find out whether Tokyo Revengers would be renewed for a third season. When Season 2 of this well-loved anime was announced, their elation was evident!

The highly anticipated event took place today, and it’s been reported that many people queued up just for a chance to learn what might happen in Ken Wakui’s manga/anime masterpiece.

Tokyo Revengers, written by Ken Wakul, is a Japanese manga series produced by Liden Films. It is an animated television series with 20 completed episodes. In the last episode, fans witnessed Baji’s entry, standing against Kisaki.

When Takemichi Hanagaki’s childhood friend and love interest, Hinata Tachibana was killed by Tokyo Manji Gang after getting pushed off of a platform at school during their annual festival – he went back in time 12 years to live her best days.

Now that she is alive again through his revenge plan; they can’t go on living like this anymore!

And are eagerly waiting for the official release of Episode 21  to find out how this whole thing will turn out to be for Nakamichi. Well, we might get answers in episode 21. But when’s it releasing?

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Release Date

Here is what we know about the release schedule. The release date has been set as  August 28, 2021. The time will be according to the territory region.

Each weakened the fans’ pay during the premiere and then subscribed to watch it. It will be accessible online starting September 4, 2021.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Cast

The plot follows a 26-year old boy (Takumi Kitamura)  with no aim, and the Tokyo Manji Gang killing his loved ones. By 20 episodes, he realizes that he can save his loved ones with proper planning.

He then implements his plan to save Hinata Tachibana, his ex-girlfriend, and Naoto, her younger brother. The last episode was in favor of Mikey, and the next one is yet to be determined.

No. Title Directed by Written by Storyboarded by Original airdate
1 “Reborn” Makoto Tamagawa Yasuyuki Mutō Shinobu Tagashira April 11, 2021
2 “Resist” Saori Tachibana Yasuyuki Mutō Saori Tachibana April 18, 2021
3 “Resolve” Katsuya Asano Yasuyuki Mutō Katsuya Asano April 25, 2021
4 “Return” Takahiro Ono Yoriko Tomita Yūichi Abe May 2, 2021
5 “Releap” Takanori Yano Yasuyuki Mutō Takashi Kawabata May 9, 2021
6 “Regret” Rion Kujō Yoriko Tomita Shinobu Tagashira May 16, 2021
7 “Revive” Yū Harima Yasuyuki Mutō Rei Nakahara May 23, 2021
8 “Rechange” Makoto Tamagawa Yasuyuki Mutō Shinobu Tagashira May 30, 2021
9 “Revolt” Aimi Yamauchi Yoriko Tomita Aimi Yamauchi June 6, 2021
10 “Rerise” Yū Harima Yasuyuki Mutō Saori Tachibana June 13, 2021
11 “Respect” Ryūhei Aoyagi Seiko Takagi Shinobu Tagashira June 20, 2021
12 “Revenge” Ken’ichi Kuhara Seiko Takagi Ken’ichi Kuhara June 27, 2021
13 “Odds and Ends” Fumihiro Ueno Yoriko Tomita Shinobu Tagashira July 4, 2021
14 “Break up” Daiki Handa Yoriko Tomita Daiki Handa July 11, 2021
15 “No Pain, no gain” Kana Kawana Seiko Takagi Shinobu Tagashira July 18, 2021
16 “Once upon a time” Rion Kujō Yasuyuki Mutō Masayoshi Nishida July 25, 2021
17 “No way” Ryūhei Aoyagi Yoriko Tomita Saori Tachibana
18 “Open Fire” Ken’ichi Kuhara Seiko Takagi Ken’ichi Kuhara
19 “Turn around” Noriyuki Nomata Yasuyuki Mutō Masayoshi Nishida August 15, 2021
20 “Dead or Alive” Yū Harima Yasuyuki Mutō Masayoshi Nishida August 22, 2021
21 “One and only” Kana Kawana Yasuyuki Mutō Masayoshi Nishida
22 “One for all” Rion Kujō Yoriko Tomita Ryōko Nakano
23 “End of war” Michiru Itabisashi, Rei Nakahara Seiko Takagi Yūji Ōya September 12, 2021
24 “A Cry baby” Kōji Aritomi Yasuyuki Mutō Ryōko Nakano September 19, 2021

Yes. It is worth watching as it will give fans the answers to many questions: Why is Baji vomiting blood and collapsing?

And will follow Takemichi’s struggle to stop Mikey, the task which is increasingly difficult as Mikey is short-tempered.

All things considered, fans are excited to watch how Takemichi will handle the situation, and yes, the transtemporal travel story is worth waiting to see how he stops the gang from killing his loved ones.