The child’s cry is going to resonate in Anil Kapoor’s family, soon Anil Kapoor is going to be…

Anil Kapoor, who plays the role of Lakhan in the Bollywood film industry, is one of the popular actors of the industry today, while actor Anil Kapoor has worked in more than one superhit film inside Bollywood. Rather, the actor has worked together with great difficulty, while most of his films have been superhit! His fans are very much fascinated by his acting and are always in the headlines for his films as well as others due to his fitness! Know how Bhima of Mahabharata became a gold medalist athlete, know more interesting how about Bhima.

For your information here, let us tell you that Anil Kapoor’s age is only 66 years old, but seeing him, no one can tell that his age is so much, while the actor still looks 35 years old by his fitness. The actor is back in the limelight once again and this time his daughter is the reason behind him coming into the limelight!

Let us tell you that Sonam Kapoor, daughter of superstar Anil Kapoor, is an actress who has worked inside Bollywood, but her acting is not liked by her fans, after which she has kept distance from the film world for the time being. But the actress is very active on social media and she keeps on sharing some or the other picture or post which is more liked by her fans! The same fans also comment fiercely on Sonam Kapoor’s post and during this time a picture is also becoming quite viral at this time, seeing that it looks like Sonam Kapoor is pregnant!

For your information, let us tell you that Sonam Kapoor’s picture which is becoming quite viral on social media at this time, it seems that Sonam Kapoor is pregnant and can give birth to a child soon, while the actress’s Hearing the news of becoming a mother, there is no limit to the happiness of her loved ones, while her fans have liked these pictures of Sonam Kapoor very much!

Here it will tell that in this picture going viral, actress Sonam Kapoor is seen standing near a glass and looking at her stomach, it seems that she is pregnant, the same thing should be done about her dress in this picture. He has put white color and has tied his loved ones as well!