Tejo Overtakes The Virk House, Know What Happened

The 10th February 2022 episode of Udaariyaan is bringing an enthusiastic twist which will definitely make you surprised for sure Because Tejo is going to do something big against Jasmine through which, she will get helpless. Yes, you heard right, Tejo’s entry into the Virk house will set the fire among everyone, as she is going to show all the property papers to Jasmine as everything is registered in her name, and now no one has a right on the Virk house besides her. As soon as Jasmine gets acquainted with the news, she gets shocked enough.


Meanwhile, she says that it could not be possible because as far as she has concerned, this property is registered in Khushbir Singh’s name and, recently she got her share as well while partitioning the house. But Tejo, makes her understand that it is the truth and it would be nice enough if she believes in it. Then Jasmine goes to Khushbir Singh and asks what she is saying, he replies that he does not know anything about all this, so it is inappropriate to ask him about this. Jasmine is getting frustrated as time is passing because her game is overturning.

Udaariyaan 10th Feb 2022

In all these, Angad Maan is favouring Tejo as well and through his help, she made these properties paper of her name. Because he advised her that it is the only way to defeat Jasmine in her own conspiracy because she has already made half house on her, so in the future, she could also make the entire house in her name. So therefore they will have to prevent them from her this conspiracy, therefore he suggests Tejo do something so that, they could get the property paper. Then she does everything as Angad Maan commands her and his idea proves beneficial for her.

On the other hand, Tejo has defeated Jasmine from all four corners while making the property in her name and ordered Jasmine to leave her house as soon as possible. But despite this, Jasmine keeps on thinking that how she has done all these in such a strange manner. Meanwhile, Tejo says that she does not need to think more about all this because everything has been done as it was too. Now Jasmine is not understanding what to do ahead, because Tejo’s new avatar is making her tense and worried, so watch it on Colors at the correct time and for further details stay tuned with us.

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