Swara Bhaskar And Zeeshan Ayyub Celebs Lashes Out On Karnataka Hijab Versus Saffron Scarf Video

swara bhaskar and zeeshan ayyub celebs lashes out on Karnataka Hijab versus saffron scarf video

Karnataka Hijab Controversy: Hijab vs saffron dupatta case is increasing in Karnataka. A video has surfaced on social media which is going viral like fire and many Bollywood celebs are also expressing their anger by sharing this video.

In the video, a burqa-clad student is seen at a college in Mandya, behind which a bunch of boys wearing saffron scarves are seen shouting slogans. The video has become viral as soon as it comes on social media and this issue is getting bigger every moment.

In the video, a Muslim girl student from Mandya’s University College is seen making her stand against the saffron-clad group and is seen very angry. She keeps on screaming, raising her hand, as she walks towards the building, the boys follow her.

It can be seen in the video that the young woman parks her scooter and heads towards the college. Just then the students wearing saffron scarves shout “Jai Shri Ram” and follow him. The girl looks terrified and the Muslim student shouts back, “Allah Hu Akbar!”

After the video went viral, many Bollywood celebs are also expressing their anger and calling it very bad. Actress Swara Bhaskar has called these boys ‘Wolf’ while sharing the video.

Along with this, actor Zeeshan Ayyub also tweeted the video and wrote, ‘There is no use of going to their school, college and will not be, they were and are goons. You guys recognize your children, you voted to make your generation like this!!! I applaud this girl Himmat… I say again that these people are against the education and education of girls.

In the video you can see that the girl says to the unknown person in the midst of all this, “If I am wearing a burqa then what is the problem?” As the boys approach her, the college authorities intervene. They are seen catching the boys and taking the girl student away.

Hijab vs Saffron: This morning, protests outside Mahatma Gandhi Memorial (MGM) College in Udupi district saw one group in hijab and another wearing saffron scarves shouting slogans, as police tried to keep the situation under control. The High Court is hearing petitions today by five women of a government college in Udupi, questioning the hijab ban.

What’s the matter: The protest against the hijab began last month at the Government Girls PU College in Udupi after six students alleged that they were barred from classes for insisting on wearing headscarves. Right-wing groups in Udupi and Chikkamagaluru objected to Muslim girls wearing the hijab.

Protests spread to more colleges in Udupi and beyond, with staff banning the hijab and many students posing in saffron scarves and shouting slogans. On Saturday, the state’s BJP government imposed a ban on clothing, saying it “disturbs equality, integrity and public order”.

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