Slovenia Wins Olympic Debut Of Ski Jumping Mixed Team Event

Slovenia won its first Olympic ski jumping mixed gold medal on Monday, taking advantage of a jumpsuit violation by German Katharina Althaus and Japanese star Sara Takanashi.

“Second jump, I’m a little nervous about all this incompetence,” says Nika Krizner.

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Krizner, Ursa Bogataz, Peter Privik and Timmy Jazak’s team dominated the competition with more than 100 points with 1,000.5 points.

“Even if you count all the distances from misfortune in today’s competition and judge the points, we should be the first so it’s still great,” Privici said.

Privisi climbed 101.5 meters (333 feet) with the final jump and topped the podium for four Slovenians with 126.3 points.

The Russians won silver and Canada won bronze, with impressive results.

Ursa Bogataz of Slovenia flies through the air during the mixed team trial round at the 2022 Winter Olympics on Monday, February 7, in Zhangjiako, China.

Ursa Bogataz of Slovenia flies through the air during the mixed team trial round at the 2022 Winter Olympics on Monday, February 7, in Zhangjiako, China.
(AP Photo / Matthias Schrader)

“This is a huge, huge achievement for the whole federation,” said Evgeny Klimov, who teamed up with Irina Avakumova, Irma Makhinia and Daniel Sadriv.

Alex Lutit, Abigail Strait, Mackenzie Boyd-Cloyes and Matthew Schuck’s Canadian team left Calgary, Alberta for training in Europe because the mountains used for the 1988 Calgary Olympics were closed.

“It gives us a chance to save the game,” said Lutit, 18. “We are four of the six members of the national team, and we have less than 30 kids at the club level.

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“It gives us the opportunity to encourage people to try and fall in love with the sport.”

Soukap admitted that he was surprised by the result.

“We always had an idea that if we all jump really well, something could happen,” he said. “But this is the best of dreams.”

Germany, one of the favorites to win, was disqualified after the first round for violating the jumpsuit of silver medalist Althaus in the women’s event on Saturday.

Japan, along with Olympic champions Ryuu Kobayashi and Takanashi, finished fourth on the 10-nation field after being disqualified in a jump. Kobayashi won the general mountain on Sunday, becoming the first Japanese jumper in the event since Yukio Kasayar in 1972.

The Slovenians entered the final round with a 49-point lead over Norway and a one-sided victory.

Slovenian women and men, including Bogataz and Privisi, teamed up last month to win a mixed World Cup event and showed that it was no fluke. Bogataj won Olympic gold in women’s ski jumping on Saturday night, four years after receiving the lowest points in the same event at the Pyongyang Games.

“All the medals are really good for the development of the sport,” Prevc said. “Right now in Slovenia, a lot of kids are jumping.”

Men have been skiing the Winter Olympics since the first Olympics in 1924. Until 2014, women did not have the opportunity to play in the Olympics.

The International Ski Federation hosted the first mixed team event in 2012, when Takanashi was part of the winning team, and it has been the World Cup four times in the last decade.

As the women finish jumping into China, the men have two more chances on Saturday in the big mountain event and next Monday in the team competition.