Sip and paint Twitter video paints more of a picture than we need to see, Know What Happened

It’s hard to predict what will go viral on social media, but we definitely didn’t see the ‘sip and paint’ video coming.

Blowing up on Twitter, a short clip shows two people seemingly getting intimate in the middle of a creative sip and paint session.

In true social media fashion, the video has instantly become a meme and it’s leaving people in stitches… after the initial shock factor.

Here’s what you need to know.

Credit: Laura Adai Unsplash.

What is a sip and paint event?

Before we dive into the viral video, allow us to explain what a sip and paint event usually involves, for those who are unfamiliar.

Essentially, a sip and paint session allows you to unleash your creative side with a professionally-led painting class combined with a few (usually alcoholic) beverages.

There are varying sessions run across the US, such as Pinot’s Palette studios classes which run across states of New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. At these classes, you either BYOB or have bars built in them, with wine the most popular drink.

As stated on their website: “Paint. Drink. Have Fun. As long as you do at least two of the three, you’re in good shape.”

Sip and paint video goes viral on Twitter

Now that we’ve covered the grounds of a sip and paint session, you can imagine that some more wild and unexpected activities often happen at events that mix large groups of people and alcohol, regardless of the painting.

A recent video making the rounds on Twitter showed two event-goers seemingly getting intimate in the middle of the class.

It’s unconfirmed whether the two were actually doing anything X-rated or if the camera just caught them at an unfortunate angle, but nonetheless, the clip sure has made a talking point.

Now, the expression attending a ‘Sip and paint’ class has become a cultural meme, with people joking about what really going on at these classes and questioning why their partner attends.

Twitter turns viral video into a meme

Like anything, once the internet gets a hold of it, it’s more often than not turned into a meme.

The sip and paint video is of course no different, and Twitter users soon poked fun at the whole situation.

Take a look at these hilarious reactions:

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Queer Eye Germany | Official Trailer | Netflix





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