Sajjad Heydari Carrying Wife Head Viral Video Spreading on Twitter Reddit, Know What Happened

On social media, uncounted viral scandals incidents are coming to the fore and as soon as time is passing these incidents are getting increased as well. But not all the time it leads the explicit one sometimes it leads the horrific crime as well, which could shake everyone’s spirit too. Something similar has recently happened with Mona Heydari whose husband Sajjad Heydari killed her brutally while cutting her head and later throwing it on the road. Since the glimpse of the crime took place on social media, it set the sensation among everyone because it was terrifying enough.

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According to the reports, prime suspect Sajjad Heydari executed his 17-years-old wife Mona Hedary and sashayed her cut-off head on the roads of the Southeastern Iranian location called Ahvaz. As soon as the news the social media users or other people got acquainted with the news their immense reaction came out, as the atmosphere of terror surrounded everyone after the incident. Because someone could do something heinous with his close one, then the suspect could execute anything without thinking even once. Therefore, almost everyone is seeking justice for her while demanding strict action against the defaulter.

Who Is Sajjad Heydari?

It is being reported, that the incident occurred on 5th February 2022, as soon as everyone faced the news, their very deep reaction came to the fore where almost everyone shared their condolences for the deceased. Almost everyone said that it is absolutely unfair to kill someone in this way and if someone does this then it is punishable, and he should be punished severely as well. When it comes to the Video, then almost everything is clearly appearing to the extent that you will also be surprised to see that someone can cross their limits to such an extent.

Later, when the concerned department got the news they detained the prime suspect so that, he could get the appropriate sentence. Because killing someone is inappropriate enough, as he has done with his spouse, therefore, almost everyone is unleashing their remarks while urging the police department to punish him strictly, as he became the cause of someone’s unexpected demise. Now he is facing the appropriate sentence behind the bars and the further proceeding is going ahead as well. So when something will come ahead we will make you familiar for sure, because yet, the issue is remaining the hot discussion.

Know What Happened after Sajjad Heydari Carrying Wife Head Viral Video Spreading on Twitter Reddit Social Telecast