Once in poverty, Mukesh Ambani’s house used to cook food for 50 rupees, today this actress rules Bollywood, know the name

The first name in the list of India’s richest person comes from Mukesh Ambani, in such a situation, if his name is talked about, then he is the only identity of Mukesh Ambani, his entire family also likes to live a luxurious life And this lifestyle of his always remains in the headlines and this is the reason that because of Mukesh Ambani, his entire family is also constantly in the headlines! When Kangana Sharma crossed all limits in this web series, people were surprised to see such a hot scene. Kangana Sharma Web Series

It is known to everyone that after getting so much fame, Mukesh Ambani wants to live his life in a luxury way and in such a situation, today we are going to tell you about an actress who is very popular in today’s time but in this Her time was also when she used to do catering work, not only this, but this actress also attended the wedding of Anil Ambani, brother of Mukesh Ambani!

In the marriage of Mukesh Ambani’s brother, there was an actress where all the big and big of Bollywood came as guests, not as guests, but to serve food, due to lack of money, they had to do such work and today’s At the time, that actress is the mistress of crores and is leading a very luxurious life, let us tell you that she is none other than the drama queen of Bollywood i.e. Rakhi Sawant!

In fact, Rakhi Sawant is always in the headlines for her flamboyant nature, while she herself had revealed this during an interview, during which she had told that there was a time when she used to serve food at Mukesh Ambani’s house. used to work!