(New) UGC CARE list of journals for political science

This blog post aims to provide the latest UGC CARE list of journals for political science.

The UGC-CARE List has only TWO groups, instead of the original FOUR groups to simplify the search process.

UGC-CARE List Group I Journals found qualified through UGC-CARE protocols
UGC-CARE List Group II Journals indexed in globally recognized databases
UGC CARE journals

In this post, we will be providing the UGC CARE list Group 1 political science journals.

Also, download the complete and latest UGC CARE journals list 2022

List of UGC CARE journals in Political Science

Sr.No. Journal Title Publisher ISSN E-ISSN Action
1 Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration The University of Hong Kong 2327-6665 2327-6673 Indexed in Scopus
2 Bhartiya Rajniti Vigyaan Shodh Patrika (print only) Indian Political Science Association 2229-452X NA View
3 Derrida Today Edinburgh University Press 1754-8500 1754-8519 Indexed in Scopus
4 European Journal of International Security Cambridge University Press 2057-5637 2057-5645 Indexed in Scopus
5 European Security Taylor and Francis 0966-2839 1746-1545 Indexed in Web of Science
6 Explorations: E- Journal of Indian Sociological Society Indian Sociological Society NA 2581-5741 View
7 Foreign Trade Review Indian Institute of Foreign Trade 0015-7325 0971-7625 Indexed in Scopus
8 Gandhi Marg Gandhi Peace Foundation 0016-4437 NA View
9 Glocalism: Journal of Culture, Politics and Innovation Globus et Locus NA 2283-7949 View
10 Indian Journal of Asian Affairs Indian Journal of Asian Affairs 0970-6402 NA View
UGC CARE journals political science
Sr.No. Journal Title Publisher ISSN E-ISSN Action
11 Indian Journal of Politics and International Relations (print only) School of International Relations and Politics, Mahatma Gandhi University 0973-5011 NA View
12 Indian Studies Review Centre for Study of Politics and Governance NA 2582-7154 View
13 Indo- Pacific Journal of Phenomenology Taylor and Francis 2079-7222 1445-7377 View
14 International Journal of Human Rights and Constitutional Studies Inderscience Publishers 2050-103X 2050-1048 View
15 International Journal of Political Economy Taylor and Francis 0891-1916 1558-0970 Indexed in Scopus
16 International Journal of Transparency and Accountability in Governance National Law University 2395-4337 NA View
17 International Journal on World Peace World Peace Academy 0742-3640 NA View
18 International Studies Jawaharlal Nehru University 0020-8817 0973-0702 View
19 Jadavpur Journal of International Relations Jadavpur University 0973-5984 2349-0047 View
20 Journal of Asian Security and International Affairs Sage Publications 2347-7970 2349-0039 Indexed in Scopus
UGC CARE journals political science
Sr.No. Journal Title Publisher ISSN E-ISSN Action
21 Journal of Indian School of Political Economy Indian School of Political Economy 0971-0396 NA View
22 Journal of Polity and Society Department of Political Science, University of Kerala 0976-0210 NA View
23 Journal of Social Work Education, Research and Action National Association of Social Workers 2394-4102 NA Discontinued from July 2020
24 Man and Development Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development 0258-0438 NA View
25 Man and Society: A Journal of North- East Studies Indian Council of Social Science Research, North Eastern Regional Centre 2229-4058 NA View
26 New Perspectives on Political Economy CEVRO Institute 1801-0938 1804-6290 View
27 Peace Research: The Canadian Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies Menno Simons College 0008-4697 NA View
28 Politics, Groups, and Identities Taylor and Francis 2156-5503 2156-5511 Indexed in Web of Science
29 Rajasthan Journal of Sociology Rajasthan Sociological Association 2249-9334 NA View
30 Refugee Watch Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group 2347-405X NA View
UGC CARE journals political science

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