Milena Ciciotti addresses drama around neo sculpting and lip fillers, Know What Happened

Milena Ciciotti is coming forward and addressing the latest drama in her new YouTube video.

The social media star, who is pregnant with her third child, has often used social media to share her thoughts and journey with her followers. While Milena has often been honest about her personal life, some fans started doubting it after a Reddit thread went viral.

After staying tight-lipped for a while, Milena decided to come forward and share her thoughts on the same.

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Who is Milena Ciciotti?

Milena is a social media star who makes content on YouTube and has her own podcast. At the moment, she has 298k followers on the platform. Unlike her YouTube page, Milena often shares glimpses of her personal life on her Instagram.

At the same time, she collaborates with different brands for her page. Meanwhile, on her YouTube, Milena shares some tips that have helped her as a mom while also sharing some of her workout regimes. With 607k followers on the platform, Milena is often thinking of ways to interact with her audience

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Online drama explained

Milena, who is expecting her third child soon, has often shared the workout plans that have helped her stay fit and in shape during her pregnancy.

At the same time, in her videos and podcast, Milena has often advised people to love their natural bodies that are given by God. However, a Reddit user was quick to slam her content and point out that the social media star missed out on stating some of the facts in her content.

The comment read: “Remember when you got neo sculpting but didn’t include that bit in a workout transformation video that you did? Remember when you said on your podcast that it is wrong to change the body God gave you and then got Botox?”

Picking on this, several other people slammed Milena for her content.

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Milena Ciciotti address rumors

On February 6, Milena released a video titled “The Lord is doing something.” In it, Milena spoke about some of her favorite verses from the bible.

As the video continued, she also addressed the drama around lip fillers and neo sculpting. She said: “There are times when I try to separate Milena in real life from Milena on YouTube and I want to live freely as Milena and to be able to do my own things in my own world and not have the accountability that comes with such a large platform and having such a large audience.”

She continued: “For example, there are some things like my lip fillers or neo sculpt things that not that I am sweeping them under the rug but the things that I just haven’t felt the Lord call me to talk about yet and the boundary that I have is that I will talk about things when I feel the Lord is leading me to talk about it. I have learned far long ago that if I just do something because I am being coerced or bullied into talking about something there is nothing fruitful that comes out of it.”

She further added: “The Lord is still working through me in certain things and aspects. Whether it comes to modesty or comes to physical appearance, he is still working on these things so until I come out of that and I feel the calling to talk about it, I won’t. Not because I am sweeping it or I don’t want accountability but because I serve a God and I fear and I want to make sure I am honoring him first and I will not let the fear of people overpower that.”

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