Meet Yung Lean as fans think he’ll collab with Kanye West for Donda 2, Know What Happened

Rapper Yung Lean recently posted a group picture featuring Kanye West, Drake, Travis Scott and Baby Keem. The viral pic has made fans curious about the up and coming artist.

Kanye West’s latest album Donda featured collaborations with many revered artists like Jay-Z, Fivio Foreign, Playboi Carti and Baby Keem among others.

Hence, seeing him hang out with a bunch of musicians before the release of Donda 2 has gotten fans more curious about his album and the artists set to be featured on it.

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Who is Yung Lean?

For the unversed, Yung Lean is a 25-year-old Swedish rapper.

He rose to popularity through YouTube, Tumblr and SoundCloud. The Swede released a song titled Ginseng Strip 2002 in 2013, which made him a well-known name among many music listeners.

Despite his viral hit song, Yung Lean remained relatively lowkey for years. However, the rapper has become an internet sensation all over again after his song, Ginseng Strip, became a viral hit thanks to TikTok.

In 2014, the Swedish rapper collaborated with none other than Travis Scott on his song Ghosttown.

At the time of writing, the musician has over a million Instagram followers. Fans have fallen head over heels in love with his iconic slant rhymes and low effort singing.

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Rapper posts picture with Kanye West, Drake and Travis Scott

Yung Lean took to his IG recently and posted a picture featuring Kanye, Drake, Travis and Keem. The picture, predictably, went viral and has become much talked about on Twitter.

The pic sees a masked Ye standing next to Travis, Drake and Baby Keem while Yung Lean is seen slouched in the front. The post is captioned ‘New Beatles.’

Kanye posted the pic on his Instagram and revealed Donda 2’s release date writing, “DONDA2 2 22 22,” meaning it’ll be out on February 22, 2022.

Fans think Ye will collab with the Swedish artist in Donda 2

Fans are over the moon after seeing Kanye’s picture with Yung Lean and the other musicians. Some are now convinced that the Swedish rapper and Ye will have a song together on Donda 2.

A fan wrote: “Yung lean being on Donda 2 means that bladee is closer to working with Kanye.”

Another tweeted: “The Yung Lean x Kanye track gonna be crazy.”

“Yung Lean chilling w Kanye, all we need is a collab and my life is complete,” wrote another excited fan.

Meanwhile, some fans also joked that Kanye must’ve learned about Yung Lean from North’s TikTok account.

One fan hilariously wrote: “Kanye’s kids showed him the new hit TikTok song ginseng strip and decided to put Yung Lean on Donda 2.”

Shining Vale | Official Trailer | STARZ



Shining Vale | Official Trailer | STARZ





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