Lil Fizz Leaked Videos and Photos on Social Media, Know What Happened

Lil Fizz and O Marrion have shared about their relationship on a public platform. Recently they have introduced their breakup brazenly to the public. Fans are shocked after hearing this news from their side. Some people are doubting whether they have really broken up or it is simply humor?

As per sources, both the stars took onto the stage on the LA Discussion Board where Lil Fizz used the opportunity to apologize for alluring O Marrion’s ex-girlfriend Apryl Jones. In this article, we will help you to understand their relationship status With more clarity. Some of the videos and pictures of Lil Fizz have been leaked which we will get to know about in this post.

Lil’ Fizz Video and Photo

As per sources, the issue between the duo arose during one of many Millennium Tour stops, which was supposed to be a B2K reunion. After this only, O Marrion and Lil Fizz had a falling out over a romantic drama. Lil Fizz took O Marrion on the stage for confessing his state of affairs.

O Marrion said, “I do not suppose it’s honest if I do not take the chance to brazenly apologize to Lil Fizz. Man, I have performed some nasty crap to my brother that I am not happy with.”

He added to his statement by saying, “so I would like to face up right here and humbly and actually apologize to you. If there is any disturbance or dysfunction, then I am sorry for you and your family members.”

As per sources, the applause from the viewers seemed to be acknowledged as the duo embraced on the stage. A video has been released by the official B2K Instagram account. A man who apologizes for settling all of his errors is called a modest man, in this world. In 2019, at the time when Lil fizz started alluring Apryl Jones, the band members battled at that time as well.

“O Marrion and Jones have two children”

O Marrion and Jones have two children from their four years of courting. Their daughter’s name is Amei, 3, and their son’s name is Megaa, 7. They have introduced their official break-up in June 2016.

Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones have denied the rumors about their romance for several months till the earlier season of love and hip hop Hollywood where they finally confirmed the news. After two months, the couple separated. Following, Lil Fizz and O Marrion’s friendship got affected worsely. Both of them stopped talking to each other. This story has shocked everyone as O Marrion and Apryl Jones is already having two young children.

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