Lakshana Serial (Colors Kannada) Cast, Heroine, Promo, Actress, Episodes

Lakshana is a popular TV show in the Kannada language. Apart from entertainment, this serial depicts racial equality. To be noticed, it is the first Kannada serial that has an anti-racism based plot. It is directed by Shivaram Magadi featuring Jagannath Chandrashekar and Vijaya Lakshmi as the main roles. Watch all the latest episodes of Lakshana serial online on Voot app.


Lakshana Serial

The story is about Nakshatra, who is a dusky girl from a middle-class family. She is working as a chef in a big restaurant. This young girl has a desirable dream to become an actress. Unfortunately, she gets lots of rejections in auditions because of her dark skin. The rest of the story reveals how Nakshatra has succeeded against society’s racial discrimination. Viewers can stream and download Lakshana serial episodes online on Voot app.

Lakshana Serial Cast

Check out the complete cast list of popular Lakshana Kannada serial,

  • Jagannath Chandrashekar as Bhupathi
  • Vijayalakshmi as Nakshatra
  • Shruthi Ramesh as Milli
  • Sukrutha Nag as Shwetha
  • Sachin Thimmaiah as Shourya
  • Ashwini as Srishti
  • Sara as Shierly
  • Rashmi as Mayuri
  • Archana Udupa as Dr Tulsi
Lakshana Serial

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