Kanye West turns to Apple’s Larry Jackson to troubleshoot his problems, Know What Happened

If you haven’t been keeping up, Kanye West took aim at ex Kim K last week, and seemingly asked Apple Music head Larry Jackson for help reaching her.

It’s not clear if the former couple have directly communicated, but we do know that West thanked Larry Jackson for providing him with Kim’s contact details.

The rapper has since deleted his Instagram posts criticising Kardashian, and the ordeal seems to have cooled down for now.

We break down everything that we know about the situation, and what we know about Larry Jackson.

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Kanye West thanks Larry Jackson on Instagram

West has since scrubbed his Instagram clean of Kim K rants, but he’d previously posted a screenshot of a text conversation, thanking Larry Jackson for providing him with contact details.

The rapper seemingly reached out to Jackson for Kim’s number, to which he replied “here you go!”, before attaching contact details.

Kanye then took to Instagram to share a screenshot of the conversation, captioning it: “THANK YOU @thelarryjackson FOR GIVING ME @kimkardashian NUMBER”

The exchange comes amid Ye’s criticism towards Kardashian, calling her out for her parenting tactics and questioning North West’s use of TikTok.

Who is Larry Jackson?

Larry Jackson is the Global Creative Director at Apple Music, known for signing deals with major artists including Drake and The Weeknd.

Listed in Billboard’s Power 100 list, Jackson has played a vital role in Apple Music’s growth as a streaming platform and entertainment subscription service.

According to Meditative Story, Larry previously worked with RCA, producing albums for icon Whitney Houston and winning a Grammy for Jennifer Hudson’s debut album.

The Sun reports that Jackson launched into the industry when he was just a pre-teen, interning at a local radio station before becoming the program director at 17.

In terms of his personal life, Larry is the partner of Kim K’s former assistant, Stephanie Shepherd, who worked under Kim between 2013 and 2017.

Likewise, Jackson is known for having a wealth of famous friends, including Kanye West.

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Rapper deletes Instagram rant posts

After posting a series of upper-case captioned Instagram posts last week, rapper Kanye West has since clicked the delete button.

According to TMZ, West got to spend time with them over the weekend in LA. The same outlet suggests his time with the children could have triggered him to delete his Instagram rants.

As stated previously, it’s unclear whether he has directly communictaed with Kim.

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