In The Kapil Sharma Show, Salman Khan made a big disclosure why it is necessary to get circumcised.

Famous comedian Kapil Sharma, who is always known for his comedy, his one show The Kapil Sharma Comedy Show also remains a lot of headlines at this time because many stars come as guest in The Kapil Sharma in this show. Live and come here to promote their upcoming films, not only this, but a lot of fun is also done during the show! When the actress made a big disclosure, said: – This cricketer used to wash my undergarments and used to massage the body…..

On the other hand, all the characters played in Kapil Sharma’s show also openly welcome and entertain their visiting guests, while on the other hand the stars who come here also do their heart ki baat on Kapil Sharma’s show. And many also make such revelations about themselves that remain in the headlines!

But on the other hand, what kind of video is also coming out from Kapil Sharma’s show, in which Salman Khan is seen talking about circumcision! Actually, while answering a man’s question here, Salman Khan is heard saying that the jeep bothers a lot in childhood, so circumcision should be done! Salman Khan is seen saying that either get circumcised by jeep or by something else!