How Did Matthew Ventress Die? Cause Of Death Revealed, Know What Happened

Matthew Vantress is a famous transgender actress who passed away on February 3, 2022. She has been battling depression and anxiety for a long time now. She ended her struggles and her life as she committed suicide.

Matthew Vantress’ Sudden Demise

The famous transgender actress Destinee Lashaee, better known by the stage name Matthew Vantress is no more. Matthew Ventress’ brother Wayne Compton took to Facebook to share the news of her death. The celebrity has been open about her struggles. She has been suffering from depression and anxiety for quite some time now. Moreover, she said that she feels she is trying to escape depression and anxiety. Additionally, she added that she can only turn to food to escape her struggles, but that too, is killing her. She decided to end all her struggles by ending her life.

Matthew Vantress – Cause Of Her Death

Matthew Ventress is the star of the show My 600 Life. She has always been the main focus of the show. Many people blame the producers for the late actor’s death as they forced her to shave her beard. As a result, she has filed a $1 million lawsuit on the production house in Harris County, Texas, on April 17. She sued the production house for negligence, deliberate mental distress, and fraud. Moreover, she revealed that the producers gave her a therapy session in order for it to be videotaped and included in the show. In addition, she also said that the producers would visit her residence to record the same.

Sources revealed that this incident pushed Matthew Ventress to her limit. She could not hold her struggles any longer and hence committed suicide. Before taking her own life, she has posted suspicious content on her social media profile. She even took to social media to share messages which indicated that her state of mind was quite disturbed. The post caught the attention of many users and it was quite concerning.

Moreover, Matthew Ventress went for her operation to reduce her weight. The operation got her weight down from 669 pounds to 200 pounds. She did so to feature in the TLC show. She made her debut appearance in Season 7, Episode 10 of the show.

Moreover, the most strange part of the news was that the late actress committed suicide exactly one year after her sister’s death. Fans and celebrities are stunned by the news of her death. They have taken to social media to pay their condolences to the late actress.

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