Florida Enters AP Women’s Hoops Poll; South Carolina No. 1

Florida enters AP women’s hoops poll; South Carolina No. 1

Florida coach Kelly Rye has played his best basketball year after year in the Finlay Gators, winning over four ranking teams in their last five games.

Overwhelmed by that success, the Gators jumped into the Associated Press women’s basketball pole at No. 19 on Monday, the team’s first ranking since 2016.

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“We’re proud of our girls’ efforts and shopping,” Finlay said. “They are a very fun team as coaches. I feel very blessed as a coach to have a group of young people who want to learn.”

Florida dropped out then-no. 7th Tennessee and 14th ranked Georgia last week. These victories closed the five-game stretch in a row against the enemies of the Southeast Conference. The Gators’ only defeat in that span was on January 30 against No. 1 South Carolina.

Gamecocks remained the top team in this week’s poll and was the unanimous choice from the 30-member national media panel. South Carolina is followed by the states of Stanford, Louisville, Michigan and North Carolina.

Florida (17-6) defeated five ranked opponents for the first time since the 2005-06 season. The Gators started their tough five-game stretch by beating Kentucky and LSU and then topped the numbers. 25 Texas A&M earlier this season.

“It’s crazy cool,” Finlay said. “We have six games left in the regular season and we hope to play in the post-season. You can’t go there unless you reflect and connect the points every day.”

The Gators were ranked for the first five weeks of the 2016-17 season before December 12 was dropped.

Florida head coach Kelly Rye Finley smiles before a NCAA college basketball game against South Carolina on Sunday, January 30, 2022 in Gainesville, Fla.

Florida head coach Kelly Rye Finley smiles before a NCAA college basketball game against South Carolina on Sunday, January 30, 2022 in Gainesville, Fla.
(AP Photo / Alan Youngblood)

Florida wasn’t the only team that had a great week. Michigan was then at the top-no. 5th Indiana and 21st ranked Iowa will move to the only place in the Big Ten. Wolverine’s No. 4 ranking is their all-time best.

“It’s pretty cool,” said Michigan coach Kim Barnes Arico. “Excited for our players and our program, and the growth we’ve had at night has been incredible. Even when we’ve gotten off the road with the COVID protocol and injuries, the next person has been able to grow.”

Arizona was ranked No. 6, followed by Indiana, Yukon, Iowa State and Baylor.

Kansas State dropped out of the rankings.

Here is some more news from this week’s poll:


It was a rough week for Tennessee, which dropped six places to 13th after losing to Florida and the Yukon. The Lady Vols have lost three of four games since Cain lost the Green season due to a knee injury in the win over Georgia.

“We haven’t been able to recover from it yet. I think the team is still searching, and we’re not getting him back, so we need to be able to take action and be mature,” Harper said after the loss in Yukon on Sunday. . “We need to find confidence in what we’re doing. This is the biggest drop-off for us in the last two weeks. We were playing with great confidence, great confidence, great strength and great focus. And now we are not.”

Defeat strong

Caitlin Clark, an Iowa sensational sophomore, did her best to help the Hockey win this week, but the team lost four of its 25 places, two out of three games. After losing to Ohio State and scoring 43 points, Clarke had 27 points. , 11 rebounds and 11 assists against Wisconsin. He finished the week in Michigan on Sunday with a career-best 46 points. Clarke scored 33 of those points in the second half, including 25 in the fourth quarter when he hit a few 3-pointers from outside the arc.

Game of the week

No. 1 in Georgia No. 1 South Carolina, Sunday 6 Gamecox played their last SEC Road game against a ranked team.