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Wordle’s popularity is only growing with each passing day. Everyone’s hooked to the online puzzle and find themselves beating their brains for the answers.

The online game was acquired by New York Times last week. It is still available to play for free.

The Brooklyn-based founder of the game, Josh Wardle, called his invention’s success “overwhelming”.

Each day is marked by a new word that often goes viral across social media. So, what’s the answer to Thursday, Feb 10, Wordle #230?

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Wordle Answer – February 10th

The answer to today’s Wordle is…

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Even though the word pause seems easy to guess, players are having a hard time cracking it as the letter ‘p’ doesn’t appear too often.

Players can share their results online

Wordle allows you to share your results on different social media platforms.

This explains the popularity of the game as players are constantly sharing their guesses and expressing thoughts on everyday Wordle answers on the Internet.

You can do it by simply clicking on the ‘share’ option that appears on completing the puzzle irrespective of your answer.

Once the result is ‘copied to the clipboard, you can paste it to social media.

The link will appear as a grid of squares with the letters you’ve guessed.

Shining Vale | Official Trailer | STARZ



Shining Vale | Official Trailer | STARZ





Rules of Wordle explained

You only need to keep in mind a few rules to play Wordle.

The aim of the game is to find five-letter words in six or lesser attempts.

The color of the tiles changes with each guess to indicate if you’re answer is right or wrong.

Green means the letter is in the right place, yellow means the letter is present in the word but placed someplace else and grey means the letter isn’t in the word at all.

Many players are of the opinion that ‘Adieu’ would be the right word to start the puzzle with as it contained three vowels.

This allows you to eliminate the most possible numbers at once.

Another option is to pick any English word with a lot of vowels such as Ouija, Queue, Audio, Equal, Miaou, Aurei, Ourie, Auloi, Uraei and Kauai.

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