Download ‘Stalker’ in HD from Tamilrockers

Download ‘Stalker’ in HD from Tamilrockers - WPage - क्यूंकि हिंदी हमारी पहचान हैं

Stalker is a psychological thriller, a Kannada movie directed by Kishore Bhargava.

Download ‘Stalker’ in HD from Tamilrockers


The story is about a man named Aravind who is arrested because he had been arrested for being a terror suspect. Aravind informs the cops that he was trying to save his daughter from the chains of a stalker. On further investigation, uncertain things were revealed that shook the cops to the core.

The movie features outstanding star casts including Uday achar, Suman Nagarkar, Jiten Arora, Namrata Patil, Aishwarya Nambiar, and Ramesh Annavarapu.

The trailer of ‘stalker’ is already out. The movie will be out in cinemas on 31st March 2022