Breaking News:-Kapil Sharma and Akshay Kumar fight, Akshay Kumar will no longer promote Bachchan Pandey in Kapil’s show.

Bollywood’s well-known actor Kumar’s film Bachchan Pandey is all set to release in the cinema hall on the day of Holi, while Akshay Kumar along with Kirti Sanon and Arshad Warsi are also going to be seen in this film. For Kapil Sharma’s show The Kapil Sharma Comedy Show Me The Jaya does and this episode is also seen in hand, whereas most of the actor’s films are seen to be promoted in Kapil Sharma’s show Kapil also gets the benefit of it now when Akshay Kumar Due to which the TRP of his show goes up fast, so the naughty talk of both the fans and the audience is also enjoyed but this time it is not going to happen at all! Do this small work and win Mahindra Thar knowing what work will have to be done.

Actually news is coming out that Akshay Kumar is not going to promote his upcoming film Bachchan Pandey on Kapil Sharma’s show this time and this is a big news for the audience!

Actually, let us tell you that the kind of thing is that Bollywood’s Khiladi Kumar had arrived with Sara Ali Khan last time to promote his film, according to the report of Hindustan Times, in this episode, Kapil Sharma made Akshay Kumar’s famous personality. An interview was mentioned in the name of K There was a slight rift between someone.

The same Akshay Kumar was asking Kapil Sharma to take the name of a famous personality, in such a situation, Kapil Sharma was coming up with something other than that, while after shooting, when Akshay Kumar requested from the channel, this sentence should not be put on air. ! This episode was not broadcast in full on the same TV but its video clip went viral on social media and later Akshay Kumar talked to the channel but his problem was not resolved nor did he get any response from Kapil Sharma’s team. Found Akshay Kumar has categorically refused to go to promote his upcoming film Bachchan Pandey on The Kapil Sharma Show!