Bob Saget Cause Of Death Revealed As He Died Of ‘brain Bleed’ After Hitting Head, Know What Happened

Bob Saget, the actor, and comedian passed away on January 9, 2022. The cause of his death is revealed to be head trauma Ritz Carlton Hotel in Orlando. He was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Bob Saget’s Death

Bob Saget passed away at the age of 65 in January. He lay unresponsive in the hotel room of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Orlando, Florida. The hotel authorities called the police immediately about an “unresponsive man in the room”. The deputies identified the man to be Bob Saget and pronounced him dead on the scene. The Orange County Sheriff reported that there was no sign of drugs or alcohol. However, the detectives will investigate the cause of the sudden death of the late actor and comedian.

Bob Saget’s family had released the statement regarding the same. Bob was on his comedy during that time. However, due to his demise, parts of his tour in Canada, New York, and several other places remained unfinished.

Friends and family attend Bob Saget’s funeral last month.

Bob Saget’s Cause Of Death

After a thorough investigation of the actor’s sudden demise, the police and medical officers revealed the cause of his death. The television host died due to head trauma. Bob Saget hit the back of his head to an object at the hotel. Sources revealed that Bob Saget had a bruise on the back of his head. However, it is unclear what hit his head that led to such a deadly injury.

Moreover, sources revealed that the Full House star was unaware of the injury before going to sleep. He went off to sleep and never woke up. In addition, Toxicology reports revealed that Bob Saget was not under any influence of drugs or alcohol.

Bob Saget’s family released a statement to the public regarding the same. They said that now that they have heard about the conclusions of the investigation from the authorities directly, they would reach out to Bob’s fans directly.

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