Bilardo: Release date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and many more!

As we know, documentaries are the perfect combination of entertainment and information. The Max Original has aroused the interest of football enthusiasts since Bilardo’s narrative is of struggle, sacrifice, and redefinition. It will premiere on HBO Max. It is fantastic news for football fans, but if you are a die heart fan of Bilardo. As a coach, Bilardo has etched his identity in Argentine history. Moreover, his journey will unfold in four chapters of the docuseries. It even gives an insight into his personal life and interests.

Should you watch this? Would it be worth your time? Read on to find out!

Bilardo: Cast and Plot!

Ariel Rotter has directed the documentary, and the storyline was written by Sebastián Meschengieser and Gustavo Dejtiar. Federico D’elia, Alejandro Turner, and Cune Molinero have produced the documentary that will bring Bilardo’s childhood life, career, life as a coach, and his true identity as a human being to light.

Bilardo: Cast and Plot!

The documentary is about the coach and doctor, Carlos Salvador Bilardo. He mentored the Argentine players to win the World Cup, in Mexico, in 1986. The documentary follows Carlos Bilardo, a soccer doctor, through his life and highlights some of his most memorable moments. Bilardo’s sacrifices for his family and the work for his country were all for a single aim. The aim of hoisting the Argentina flag, higher than it had ever been. Additionally, through this documentary, the viewers will get a glimpse into the real-life of Bilardo. They will observe his library and his passions for soccer. Also, his sacrifices, his obsessions, and a lot more.

Bilardo: Trailer and Release date!

As the documentary Bilardo is yet to be released, have a look at its exciting teaser to see what’s in the coffer. Check it out here:

HBO Max will exclusively release the show Bilardo on this platform. 24 February 2022 is the finalized date.