Ashok Pandit Lashes Out On Priyanka Gandhi Bikini Or Hijab Tweet Karnataka Hijab Row

ashok pandit lashes out on priyanka gandhi bikini or hijab tweet karnataka hijab row

Hijab vs saffron scarves case is increasing in Karnataka. After the video of college students went viral on social media, the opinion of all the celebs to social media users is also seen divided into two parts. While a section is criticizing this video, some people are crying out for the uniform.

Reacting to the same matter, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi tweeted and wrote, ‘Be it bikini, veil, jeans or hijab, it is a woman’s right to decide what she wants to wear. Indian Constitution has given this right to every woman. Stop harassing women. I can fight a girl.

Responding to Priyanka Gandhi’s tweet, filmmaker Ashok Pandit tweeted and wrote, ‘Have you heard of something called Madam Uniform? If you had gone to school, you would have known that all the students in the school have to follow a dress code!’

Along with this, Malaal Yousafzai also condemned the matter and tweeted, ‘The college is forcing us to choose between studies and hijab. It is shocking to see girls being denied access to school in their hijabs. Wearing more or less clothes should be the woman’s own choice. Indian leaders should stop this treatment of Muslim women. Responding to Malala’s tweet, Ashok Pandit wrote, ‘Bhagi Hui Begum ji, no one has asked for your opinion and that is why it would be better if you remain silent! In the eyes of the world, you are a fanatic who has sided with the enemies of India!’

Filmmaker Vinod Kapri tweeted on this matter and wrote, ‘For those who are saying that the dress code should be followed, there has never been a compulsion of dress code after 10th in schools and colleges of Karnataka. All the students have been wearing clothes of their choice – including the hijab. After this controversy, the government has implemented the mandatory dress code.

Along with this, filmmaker Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri tweeted, ‘My dear Indian people, this is a deadly battle of a culture. If you don’t fight it now, you will have no culture of your own. Don’t forget, it started in Kashmir with only one burqa/hijab. Today there are no Hindus in the land of Shiva and Saraswati.’

Let us tell you that the matter started from Government Girls PU College, Udupi. Six girl students here alleged that they were barred from attending class for wearing headscarf. Gradually, apart from Udupi, the matter caught on in other colleges as well. Hijab was banned in many colleges. After which there was strong opposition to it.

Meanwhile, a video went viral like fire on social media in which a girl wearing a kerchief reaches the college. After this, a bunch of boys wearing saffron scarves start shouting slogans and start chasing the girl student. The girl student is also seen raising slogans of Allahu Akbar.

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