10 Hollywood Films That Every Young Entrepreneur Should See

Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. Whether you’re starting a business or maintaining an existing one, there will be many ups and downs that will put your mettle and resolve to the test.

And, on occasion, you may run out of ideas or want some motivation to get started, right?

Hollywood Films list

So, what better way to combine fun, ideas, and inspiration than by watching some of the must-see Hollywood movies for entrepreneurs?

The Social Network

What would a discussion on entrepreneurs be without mentioning Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg?

Doesn’t it seem impossible? That is why the film “The Social Network” is a must-see for all business owners.

It covers the account of how Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook while studying at Harvard, and how he was later sued by twin brothers Winklevosses who claimed he stole their concept for the social networking site, as well as his buddy Eduardo Saverin (one of Facebook’s co-founders) who was reportedly fired.

The film gives you an insight into how Facebook got its start and reminds you that huge firms often start small.

The film depicts many parts of Mark Zuckerberg’s path towards developing Facebook, from showcasing the route to Facebook’s success to Mark losing relationships with several individuals along the way.

Above all, it emphasizes the importance of believing in yourself and refusing to give up no matter how many difficulties are stacked against you!

So put it on your radar right immediately!

Becoming Warren Buffett

‘Becoming Warren Buffett,’ a documentary on the famous investor Warren Buffett, is another must-see Hollywood film for every entrepreneur on the planet.

The film follows Warren Buffett’s life, beginning with him as an ambitious, numbers-obsessed youngster from Nebraska and ending with him as one of the world’s wealthiest and most recognized men and investors.

The film delves into the secrets of Warren Buffett’s success, demonstrating how this great investor, who is famed for his business and financial expertise, has managed to stay down-to-earth despite his celebrity and wealth!

The Wolf Of Wall Street

‘The Wolf of Wall Street is a biographical crime black comedy film based on the true story of American entrepreneur Jordan Belfort.

It follows his rise and fall as an entrepreneur and shows how his brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont engaged in penny stock trading and securities fraud, attracting the attention of the FBI.

Martin Scorsese beautifully directs the picture, which features excellent performances from Leonardo DiCaprio and others.

Jordan Belfort, as depicted in the film, is the epitome of what an entrepreneur should not be.

He was driven by avarice, had practically no empathy for the individuals he defrauded, and lived a life of excessive hedonism, which finally led to his demise.

All of his characteristics were positive.

The Aviator

Howard Hughes, the eccentric millionaire who defied all difficulties to become a commercial giant while suffering from his increasingly developing OCD, is the subject of this American epic historical drama film, released in 2004.

Howard went on to become an active investor, record-setting pilot, engineer, film director, as well as philanthropist, and wealthy businessman during his career.

He is often regarded as one of the world’s most powerful and wealthy persons. Leonardo DiCaprio gave an outstanding performance as his role, earning him his second Academy Award nomination for appearing in one of the finest biographical films of all time.

Entrepreneurs will learn from the film how to have the mentality to overcome countless challenges in life in order to achieve something big.

They’ll learn how Howard Hughes waged an internal struggle with a terrible mental disease like OCD, in addition to competing with other corporations with huge money and movie moguls with great connections.

Pirates of Silicon Valley

Between 1971 and 1997, this film examines the competition between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. It was published in the year 1999, just as Steve Jobs was settling into his second tenure at Apple.

The film will undoubtedly provide every entrepreneur with an insight into the humble origins of two of the world’s most renowned technological businesses, as well as the ascension of two men who completely revolutionized the world of technology in several ways.


This film is ideal for entrepreneurs interested in learning more about the emergence and demise of internet enterprises during the mid-1990s dot-com boom. GovWorks, a promising business that failed due to mismanagement and internal power disputes, is the subject of Startup.com, a documentary film.

Aside from depicting the dot-com bubble’s boom and crash, the film also serves as a cautionary story about how friendships may quickly devolve into bitter rivalries due to internal politics. The film is without a doubt one of the finest startup films of all time. So put it on your radar right now!

Wall Street

This is the film that included the famous ‘greed is good’ remark uttered by the charismatic Gordon Gekko, superbly performed by Michael Douglas.

Directed by Oliver Stone, Wall Street gives you the narrative of both ambition and greed. In the film, the main character idolizes Gekko and becomes enamored with his opulent lifestyle, only to become ensnared in the cruel web of insider trading.

This film will show you how simple it is to get seduced by greed and make bad judgments as a young entrepreneur. It also serves as a cautionary story about how ambition may lead to immoral behavior. For an entrepreneur, they are unquestionably lifetime lessons!

The Founder

Ray Kroc, the American fast-food mogul who grasped the potential of McDonald’s and developed it into one of the world’s largest fast-food chains, is the subject of this 2016 biographical film.

Ray Kroc’s tale is nothing short of an inspiration for business owners. It all began while he was traveling as a milkshake machine salesman when he met the proprietors of McDonald’s, realized the place’s potential, and decided to turn it into the world’s largest restaurant company.

He went on to buy the fast-food firm in 1961 and lead it from 1967 until 1973 as its CEO. His path is a source of inspiration for everybody who aspires to achieve greatness in the future.

Thank You for Smoking

We can all agree that selling is an important component of running a business, right? If you want to master the art of marketing or selling just about any product, then this film is a must-see for any entrepreneur.

The storyline of the film centers around Nick Naylor, a tobacco lobbyist who defends the industry in difficult situations but tries to explain the nature of his employment to his teenage son while attempting to be a role model for him.

By the conclusion of the film, you’ll understand how to sell anything as long as you have facts and the ability to persuade your audience.

The Pursuit of Happyness

‘The Pursuit of Happyness,’ based on the actual tale of entrepreneur Chris Gardner, is one of the must-see Hollywood movies for young entrepreneurs.

It depicts Chris’ wife’s decision to divorce him after becoming frustrated with his professional failures, leaving him financially ruined and with custody of their son.

The video chronicles his almost one-year effort to save his son from being homeless while completing a grueling six-month unpaid internship as a stockbroker. Gardner was played by Will Smith, who received an Oscar nomination for his performance.

Through the film, you will discover and comprehend how Chris Gardner surmounted incredible odds to reach his goals, which are similar to the challenges that early-stage entrepreneurs are likely to experience.